New Video: Viktorland

The new national anthem of Viktorland, formerly known as Hungary. It’s out on YouTube and Bandcamp and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services on 16 Dec.

New Video: Hungarian Satan

Hungarian Satan tells the true story of a miserably failed former prime minister revelling in the role of the regime’s boogeyman and ruining the chances of a democratic future for Hungary. Its movie villain mash-up video fits the song’s concept perfectly. The song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services on 7 Sep.

The Plane To Toronto Collaboration Music Video

Our former singer Michael Kovrig has been arbitrarily detained in China for almost 1000 days. We released the song The Plane To Toronto in July to raise awareness of his situation. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received inspired us to take this project a step further. We invited people from around the world to collaborate with us on a music video for this song. We wanted to demonstrate that people around the globe are willing to stand up for Michael and send a clear message to all governments involved. This nightmare has to end. We want Michael to be released, now.

We have received over 60 videos from 15 countries of 4 continents. From Times Square to the Red Square, from the beaches of Australia to the mountains of Colorado, from the Eiffel Tower to CN Tower, people of various age, nationalities and backgrounds stood in solidarity with Michael. And we won’t stop until Michael’s free.

We invite everyone to create selfie photos or videos holding our Free Michael Kovrig poster or a handmade one and upload it to Instagram / Facebook / Twitter with the hashtag #freemichaelkovrig
You can also send them to us, and we’ll share the best ones.

And please, share this video too, help us spread the message. The more people we reach, the sooner we have a resolution.