Nightbreed Music Video and New Album

We have a new music video for Nightbreed! Time travel to pre-quarantine times with a bipolar alien:

And our 5th album is also out! It’s called Trolls In Suits. It has 14 songs, most of which came out as singles earlier, but there’s at least one song you haven’t heard yet:

New Album: Outsiders

We’re glad to let you know that our 4th album is ready. It’s called Outsiders.
It has 11 tracks 4 of which you’ve never heard, while the rest has been released as singles already.
You can order the CD in our webshop.
A new video is on the way too for the song Fifteen Minutes.
The making of this album was supported by NKA.


Bankrupt review on

A really nice review of Razor Wires And Neon Lights has been posted on It is quite rare nowadays that a reviewer is actually willing to take the time to read the lyrics and even do some research to explain them to the readers, and on top of it all, Maggie has excellent writing skills. We wish there were more reviewers like her out there.