Koheed & Kembra – a punk rock thriller

We have a new video again, and this is probably the best so far. We know we’re gonna call the wrath of prog rock fans and the Cuban secret service upon our heads with this one, but it’s worth the risk. Was punk rock connected to the Cuban Missile Crisis? What are punk’s golden rules? Was the young Castro more handsome than Osama Bin Laden? Find out from the Koheed & Kembra video! Continue reading

Zombie Racers: free online flash game for punk rockers

Halloween is coming up, so how’s about killing zombies to the punk rock sounds of Bankrupt? Zombie games are generally cool, but Zombie Racers by Big Head Games is especially cool because of their sophisticated choice of background music. The free online flash game version is available on Facebook here, but it’s just an appetizer, the real deal is the iPhone app that you can find in the iTunes store. So get in your vintage car and start running over as many zombies as you can!