Get Ready for the New EP!

Our new EP will be out next week. It’s called Goodbye Blue Monday, it has 5 new songs and it will be available for free download. The release will be digital only at this point, we may release it on CD later if there’s demand for it. We’ll start publishing the songs one by one here and on Facebook from tomorrow.
Goodbye Blue Monday will be a mixed bag of songs. 3 of them fit perfectly in our punk rock catalog, while we’ll be pushing our boundaries further into guitar pop territory with the remaining two. We’ve worked with 2 different sound engineers, Philipp took care of the vintage punk rock sound, while Jappan polished the guitar pop hits to perfection.
We’ll also release a Hungarian language version of the EP at the same time. playcount passes 100K

Today we have passed the magic 100K playcount milestone on, meaning people on have listened to Bankrupt songs over 100,000 times so far.
Our most popular release is by far Shorter Than Danny DeVito, which accounts for over half of the playcount with 52,683 scrobbles, and it features the 2 most popular Bankrupt songs, Record Store Renegade (19,237) and 18 Now (11,478).


January Status Info

Although we haven’t played any gigs since September, we’ve been busy with other stuff. We have 5 new songs in the pipeline that will be recorded and released as an EP sometime in March if all goes well. 3 out of the 5 songs will satisfy your punk rock needs while with the remaining 2 we’ll experiment more in guitar pop territory. All the songs are at least 2 and a half minutes long, and we’ll record all of them in English and Hungarian as well, so this will be our longest release since Shorter Than Danny DeVito.
At the end of last year we also started looking for a second guitar player. This project is on hold now due to the recording preparations, but we’ll get back to this once the EP is ready. We have a candidate who seems to fit right in, but he’d need to move to Budapest first, which may or may not happen in the near future. We hope it will.
We have also started booking gigs for the spring and summer, the first dates are already up – only Hungary so far, but hopefully we’ll get more invitations soon.

2012 Roundup

There’s just a few days left from 2012, so let’s do our traditional year-end roundup:

Videos: Out biggest achievement this year was out first official music video for Rewound and its Hungarian version Retro, which was played in rotation on MTV Hungary and has been watched 110,000 times on YouTube (so far) if we add up the views of the 2 versions. It also helped to increase the views of our earlier videos big time, so now our YouTube channel’s total viewcount exceeds 300K, which is quite a big improvement from last year.

Gigs: We only played 10 gigs this year, but this includes gigs in Austria, Germany and some of the best venues in Budapest. It would be good to play more next year. Yes, we say this every year, but booking is the least fun part of doing a band and it seems to get more difficult every year. But we’ll figure out something.

Radio: Rewound got airplay in rotation by Hungary’s state music channel Petőfi in the first quarter of the year, and by Fortuna Rádió from the South of Hungary for most of the year.

Songs: We’ve started writing songs for a new EP that we’d like to release around March next year. We’ll post more about this soon.