Free MP3 Giveaway for YouTube subscribers

Wanna get our last 3 EPs in 320K MP3 format for free? All you need to do is give a thumbs up to the Rewound video and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ll send you the download link and the download codes in a YouTube message soon after we get the automatic notification about the subscription.
Of course, you need a YouTube account for this. The good news is that if you have a Gmail account, you can access YouTube with your Gmail username and password without having to sign up again. But signing up for YouTube isn’t too much of a hassle either.
If you subscribed to our channel earlier and already gave a thumbs up for Rewound, just contact us, and you’ll get the MP3s.

Google Plus Band Page – YouTube Is The Reason

We have created a band page on Google Plus, you can also check it out and add us to your circles via the slick Google Plus slider button at the top of the icon set on the right side of our website.
But why another social network? We think Google Plus could take off if Google can pull off YouTube integration in a smart way, and if Facebook screws things up with desperate measures to stop its stock price from hitting new lows. Yes, Facebook has about 1 billion users (including over 80 million fake ones), but remember how the once thriving social metropolis of MySpace had turned into a ghost town in about a year?

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Your favorite music video is a lyric video now

We’ve added the lyrics to your favorite pop punk video utilizing YouTube’s closed captions feature. You just need to click the captions icon at the bottom of the video to turn the lyrics on. The only annoying thing is that the ads at the bottom of the video push the subtitles up to the middle, but (after closing the ad) you can actually drag and drop the subtitles to re-position them, and in full-screen mode there is enough space to fix them just under the video where the black bar begins. Continue reading

Best pop punk video ever passes 50K views on YouTube

The best pop punk video ever has just passed 50,000 views on YouTube. The Hungarian version of the best pop punk video ever has a more modest viewcount at 8,000, but if we also add the 4,000 views from Blank TV, the total video viewcount is already beyond 60K views. Now only if some of these people would show up at our gigs… (Next chance: Wunstock festival in Germany next Saturday.)