Photos from the Damned gig

We had the pleasure to play an amazing gig with our heroes The Damned on the packed A38 ship.

We even got to take a photo with Captain Sensible, who was not only wearing a Bankrupt T-shirt on stage, but said some kind words about us during their gig and on social media too.

You can find cool photos about our gig by Northern Lights Photo and Bands Through the Lens in the Gallery.

Supporting Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg on Tuesday!

We’ll be the support act for the Budapest gig of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg on the A38 on Tue 1 Sep. Needless to say, we feel honoured and excited to share the stage with a real Ramone – the Ramones were the single biggest influence on our music. If you plan to visit the gig, make sure you switch off your smartphone when you enter the boat.

Teenage Riot Fest – Vienna, We’re Coming!

On 16 May, we’ll play the Teenage Riot Festival at the Arena in Vienna with bands like the Creepshow. The Arena is a pretty cool venue, this is where our last gig in Vienna took place about 8 years ago. If you wanna catch us, make sure to get there by 6 pm, cos that’s when we play as the 3rd band in the line-up. We recommend joining the Facebook event.
In case you haven’t heard the news yet, the Creepshow have a new singer:

Teenage Riot fest