Argentine Punk Video Compilation

On the occasion of playing with the amazing Argies again tonight after so many years, we’ve put together a compilation of music videos by the most popular Argentine punk rock bands.

1. Attaque 77 – Tiempo Perdido
These guys are probably the biggest punk rock band in Argentina these days. They’ve been around since 1987 and their main inspiration comes from the Ramones.

2. Los Violadores – Solo Una Agression
Los Violadores were one of the first punk bands in Argentina, starting as early as 1981. This song has a cool new wave sound.

3. Argies – Nicaragua Sandinista
Outside Argentina, especially in Europe, the Argies are the most known Argentine punk rock band. They’ve been doing extensive European tours for over 10 years now. Their major influence is the Clash.

4. Todos Tus Muertos – Gente que no
Todos Tus Muertos started out as a punk/hardcore band but later they turned into a reggae band. They were influenced by Bad Brains.

5. Flema – Nunca sere policia
While most Argentine punk bands had a leftist political agenda, Flema was all about self-destruction. Their singer committed suicide in 2002 by jumping off a balcony and that was the end of Flema.

6. Fun People – Vientos
Fun People are another cool Argentine punk rock band worth checking out. They are currently inactive, but singer Nekro has a solo project called Boom Boom Kid.