New website, new webshop

It was high time to get rid of the old static website and move over to WordPress, so here it is. The best thing about this is that we can post as much stuff here as we want, and the blog feed will simultaneously update our MySpace,, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr sites with each post. Our posts can be shared or bookmarked with the Meebo bar at the bottom, and yes, we have the Facebook Like button as well after each post. Now we just need to post some interesting stuff here, and this website will come to life again. Who knows, we may even get some comments, or messages on the brand new board.
The other great improvement around here is the webshop. Finally, we have an easy-to-use, convenient solution to offer instead of the tiny PayPal widget. The new shop can calculate shipping cost according to package weight and your location, so ordering has got cheaper, and there are also more shipping and payment options. Try it!