2015 Roundup

The highlights of 2015 were supporting Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg and releasing a Christmas punk cover on Cleopatra Records, but we also released 5 new songs (in both English and Hungarian versions), all of which came with videos gathering a total of about 200K views on YouTube. (This also includes our 6th new song, The Legend of Lee Marvin, which came out at the very end of 2014.) Continue reading

Bankrupt Songs Around The World

Our new songs have appeared in new places around the world in the past few weeks, here’s a quick summary. The Disco Apocalypse video was posted by the popular German magazine C-heads.com, as well as Selecterz, and Antidote Magazine, and we’ve also discovered this tweet by a Japanese porn diva. We’ve also received more good news from Barcelona, Disco Apocalypse is this time featured in the February Top List of DJ Capo.
Meanwhile The Legend of Lee Marvin was spinned by the US surf specialist radio program Surfabilly Freakout. Neat!