2023 Roundup

2023 was our most successful year so far. We released Illiberal Holiday, our most popular album so far, which received excellent reviews in New Noise Magazine, Scene Point Blank, Dying Scene, and Germany’s Ox fanzine, who also published an in-depth interview with us in their issue #170.

We have more than doubled the number of our YouTube (6680) and Spotify (2466) followers and we played great gigs supporting The Damned in Budapest and the Ravagers in Vienna as well as headlining Tsukahara festival in Germany. Our shows in Budapest were all packed, we even had our first sold out gig ever in October.

Our song Christmas Is Canceled got on Spotify’s official Punk Christmas playlist and it surpassed 217K views.

We’ll start 2024 with releasing a new song/video next week, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

And as a bonus, here’s a cool female vocal cover of our song Happy New Year by Caroline Reaper from Brazil:

2022 Roundup

We’ve been around for quite a while now and nobody expected us to come up with our biggest hit at this point in our career, but we did bring out our biggest and our second biggest hit ever in the last 4 months of 2022. The Hungarian versions of Hungarian Satan and Viktorland got an unprecedented amount of positive reactions as a result, our social media metrics skyrocketed. We went from 2.0K YouTube subscribers to 3.2K and from 800 to 1150 Spotify subscribers.

On Spotify, our Christmas songs also did very well. In December, we’ve passed 50K monthly listeners, and three of our songs passed the 100K playcount. Christmas Is Canceled is almost at 150K by now.

We released 3 songs this year, before the two hit songs, we dropped a synth-punk song called Astrolena, which would have deserved more attention, but let’s not be greedy.

We played 2 gigs only in 2022, but we definitely plan to play more in 2023. We already have a bigger gig scheduled for 24 March in Budapest.

2021 Roundup

2021 was our 25th Anniversary Year, and we were looking forward to good times with Hello 21.

We wanted to play gigs again, and hoped the pandemic would finally end and things would return to normal.

While we were spending our time in lockdown digging up old photos from our past to celebrate the anniversary, our old singer Michael was languishing in a Chinese prison cell, where he was held on bogus spying charges. We were following his ordeal for over two years, hoping he’d be released finally, but in March he had his trial and it was clear that unless a compromise was reached in the following months, he’d stay in prison for a very long time. Time was running out, and we thought we had to do whatever we could as a band to help his cause.

By June, the song “The Plane To Toronto” was born. We recorded it and released a lyric video. We got significant media attention in Hungary and Canada and the overwhelmingly positive feedback inspired us to take this a step further, and in August we put together a collaboration music video with people around the world standing up united for Michael’s release.

A month later, Michael was released. He was listening to the song on the way back from the airport and called it the soundtrack of his liberation. This was the most defining moment of our 25-year career.

Although the pandemic nightmare is still not over, we did get to play 3 really good gigs this year (the one in Instant was maybe our best gig ever) and our song Christmas Is Canceled was featured in the horror comedy Black Friday (featuring Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame).

Our 2021 Spotify stats have been even more impressive than last year, it’s mind-blowing that over 80K people in 104 countries have listened to our songs.

Keep on listening to them in 2022 as well! Happy New Year!

2020 Roundup

2020 has been the worst year ever for most people, and we’re no exception. But while on a personal level we had to deal with nasty health issues, job loss and isolation, as a band we did pretty well despite the circumstances.

We released an album after 3 years. Trolls In Suits is our best album so far, it includes 5 songs out of our all-time Spotify Top 10. Speaking of Spotify, we’ve had more than twice as many streams this year than in 2019, and we also did remarkably better on YouTube.

We’ve brought out 5 videos this year, including a really cool official music video for Nightbreed, and our first-ever community collaboration effort for Hello 21, which turned out fantastic.

We’ve also managed to record a punk cover song for a Yacht Rock compilation to be released on Cleopatra Records in the USA next year.

We only played one gig this year (in Budapest), but at least that was a good one. Let’s hope life gets back to normal soon, and we can play live again.

Happy New Year!

2019 Roundup

2018 was a turbulent year, and our drummer troubles continued in 2019. By March, we had to realize that another change was necessary. We were in a tough situation with a strict deadline to record 2 songs for Cleopatra Records and get ready for important gigs. Luckily, Danny came to the rescue and he even turned out to be able to book gigs, which was a much needed superpower in this band.

In August, we released Come Back Joe Strummer, a fundraiser song for the Joe Strummer Foundation, who even shared the song on their website.

In October, Jason Ruined My Halloween came out on PUNK ROCK HALLOWEEN II – LOUDER, FASTER & SCARIER, followed by When Johnny Saved Christmas on PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS 2 in November. Both these songs performed really well on Spotify, contributing to a record amount of streams this year.

Finally, we released the mash-up video of Minor Problem in December, and within just 2 weeks the video (and even more so its Hungarian version) got a record amount of YouTube likes and comments.

We have recorded 2 more songs that we’re planning to release next year, and these will also be part of our next album.

We have played 9 gigs this year at some really cool venues, with some of the most popular Hungarian punk rock bands, and we returned to Austria and Slovenia as well.

So that was 2019. Happy New Year!