Bankrupt: Veronica – Free download (320K mp3)

Here’s the second track off the coming Goodbye Blue Monday EP, a Ramones-influenced tune about fatherhood. The Ramones never had kids, so they couldn’t have written a song like this. We did.
Do you know anyone who had a baby recently? Share it with them! Do you know anyone named Veronica? Share it with them! Do you know anyone who likes catchy Ramones-style songs? Share it with them!

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Horror punk / punkabilly Halloween compilation

Comp of the Living Dead is a freely downloadable compilation of almost 60 tracks by punkabilly and horror punk bands like Calabrese, Rezurex, The Hellfreaks, and Bankrupt, of course. The compilation was put together by Trevor from Phoenix, Arizona. Download it now!
Our contribution is this classic Bankrupt song:

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