Cinderella gets 60K views on YouTube

The video for our most popular punk rock smash hit, Cinderella has just passed the 60K milestone on YouTube. As all of our videos, it’s both up on the Blank TV channel (49,400 views) and on our own YouTube channel (10,650 views), hence the number for the total views. The total viewcount for our 13 videos on both channels is over 150K, which is not that bad considering the total budget of zero that was spent on them. Continue reading

Bankrupt turns 15

It was in March 1996 that the first line-up of Bankrupt started rehearsing in a school basement. It consisted of Rocco, William, Canadian singer Michael K and Black Peter on drums. Michael left in ’99 and the 2 axemen split the vocal duties. After a Spinal Tap-style succession of drummers, Shorty entered the picture in late 2000, and we haven’t had any line-up changes ever since.
Bankrupt has turned 15 this month.

Bankrupt’s Not Dead

Booking gigs has never been so hard, but finally we can present 3 new dates. Next up is the Insane Festival on 15 April in Kiskunfélegyháza with lots of foreign bands, then we have Rock am Berg festival in Austria for August, and we’ll return to Teplice (as we promised) in September. We still have plenty of unused gigging capacity, so invitations are always welcome! 🙂 Continue reading