Upgrade to the new Facebook page: looks OK so far

Yesterday Facebook offered us to upgrade our page, and being brave early adopters, we pushed the button without thinking twice. So what’s new then?
Let’s start with the thing everybody is complaining about. Now there are two views on the wall, Everyone and the page owner (in our case, Bankrupt). The Everyone view puts the hottest (most liked/commented) post on top, so it messes up the chronological order of the posts, but if you don’t like it, you can use the other view, or watch the posts on our BandPage instead of the wall, so don’t panic. Problem solved. Continue reading

The largest music websites in 2010

Here’s a pretty good visual representation of the most popular music websites in the USA last year. (Unless you’re red-green colorblind. Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg.) Apparently, YouTube is far bigger than everything else combined, Pandora is huge (we don’t have it over here), and our favorite, last.fm is still doing OK, although it’s been falling steadily recently, if you check the Alexa stats.
The hottest sites seem to be Grooveshark, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Reverbnation and Ourstage. Being tech-savvy punk rockers, we registered on all of these a while ago. Continue reading

YouTube Artist Pages + Songkick

Today’s weird discovery is that we have a dedicated artist page on YouTube, which claims that we sound like a mixture of Generation X, The Killers, Dusty Springfield and Madonna. Well, we don’t, so hopefully we can edit this thing soon and upload a photo as well.
There’s also a main YouTube Music site with event recommendations pulled in from Songkick, so we have registered there and added the upcoming Czech gigs. Songkick is a quite slick web 2.0 service that can pull in your favorites from last.fm, Pandora or your iTunes library to recommend you relevant gigs. It works pretty well.