Blast From The Past: Japanese Girlband’s Teddybear Drummer Kidnapped In Budapest

Seven years ago we put up a show in Budapest for the Japanese female power-pop duo Yumi Yumi, who were backed by a plush bear named Naughty Bob on drums. (OK, it was a drum machine and Bob was sitting on top of it with drumsticks gaffer taped to his hands.) It was probably the most successful gig we have ever booked for a foreign band with over 200 visitors. The only problem was that Bob got stolen after the show. Continue reading

Finally, 2 new Dwarves songs!

The Dwarves are one of our favorite bands, and we’re thrilled that after 7 years they have finally come up with something new and made 2 songs available from their long due new album, The Dwarves Are Born Again. The album, which was originally due last summer, will come out in May, and it will feature Dwarves alumni like the infamous Vadge Moore as well as rock celebrity cameos and all the usual special effects we like this band so much for. Are the Dwarves still the best band ever? Most likely. Continue reading