New Video: London, Moscow, London

Up until now, out of the 14 songs on our new album, there has been only one which didn’t have a video on YouTube. Finally, here it is, the missing link, a mash-up music video for a spy-themed surf punk song inspired by recent Russian-British espionage mysteries (the Litvinenko and Skripal cases) and le Carré novels. Vodka or cider? Polonium or Novichok? Choose your poison!

Nightbreed Music Video and New Album

We have a new music video for Nightbreed! Time travel to pre-quarantine times with a bipolar alien:

And our 5th album is also out! It’s called Trolls In Suits. It has 14 songs, most of which came out as singles earlier, but there’s at least one song you haven’t heard yet: