Remember the Exploding Hearts!

The Exploding Hearts

The Exploding Hearts

The new millennium started great, there was the Pacific Northwest scene of awesome ’77-style punk bands on Dirtnap Records, pretty much the best thing that could happen to punk rock in a long time. The new scene was led by three bands, The Briefs, The Epoxies, and The Exploding Hearts. The Briefs were goofy funsters, the Epoxies were robots from outer space and the Exploding Hearts were the sensitive kids, thriving on the romantic side of punk rock from the Clash (think of the songs sung by Mick Jones) to the Vibrators. Continue reading

New songs taking shape + Berlin

We set a target for this year about writing new songs, and the surprising news is that we have actually come up with some new stuff. The new songs (there’s 3 of them so far) are still just being rehearsed, but they will be recorded in a few months’ time. And what will they sound like? Well, think of 18 Now.
We’ve also managed to book a gig in Berlin’s coolest venue for September. Life is good.

Cinderella gets 60K views on YouTube

The video for our most popular punk rock smash hit, Cinderella has just passed the 60K milestone on YouTube. As all of our videos, it’s both up on the Blank TV channel (49,400 views) and on our own YouTube channel (10,650 views), hence the number for the total views. The total viewcount for our 13 videos on both channels is over 150K, which is not that bad considering the total budget of zero that was spent on them. Continue reading