Photos from the Damned gig

We had the pleasure to play an amazing gig with our heroes The Damned on the packed A38 ship.

We even got to take a photo with Captain Sensible, who was not only wearing a Bankrupt T-shirt on stage, but said some kind words about us during their gig and on social media too.

You can find cool photos about our gig by Northern Lights Photo and Bands Through the Lens in the Gallery.

2022 Roundup

We’ve been around for quite a while now and nobody expected us to come up with our biggest hit at this point in our career, but we did bring out our biggest and our second biggest hit ever in the last 4 months of 2022. The Hungarian versions of Hungarian Satan and Viktorland got an unprecedented amount of positive reactions as a result, our social media metrics skyrocketed. We went from 2.0K YouTube subscribers to 3.2K and from 800 to 1150 Spotify subscribers.

On Spotify, our Christmas songs also did very well. In December, we’ve passed 50K monthly listeners, and three of our songs passed the 100K playcount. Christmas Is Canceled is almost at 150K by now.

We released 3 songs this year, before the two hit songs, we dropped a synth-punk song called Astrolena, which would have deserved more attention, but let’s not be greedy.

We played 2 gigs only in 2022, but we definitely plan to play more in 2023. We already have a bigger gig scheduled for 24 March in Budapest.