2021 Roundup

2021 was our 25th Anniversary Year, and we were looking forward to good times with Hello 21.

We wanted to play gigs again, and hoped the pandemic would finally end and things would return to normal.

While we were spending our time in lockdown digging up old photos from our past to celebrate the anniversary, our old singer Michael was languishing in a Chinese prison cell, where he was held on bogus spying charges. We were following his ordeal for over two years, hoping he’d be released finally, but in March he had his trial and it was clear that unless a compromise was reached in the following months, he’d stay in prison for a very long time. Time was running out, and we thought we had to do whatever we could as a band to help his cause.

By June, the song “The Plane To Toronto” was born. We recorded it and released a lyric video. We got significant media attention in Hungary and Canada and the overwhelmingly positive feedback inspired us to take this a step further, and in August we put together a collaboration music video with people around the world standing up united for Michael’s release.

A month later, Michael was released. He was listening to the song on the way back from the airport and called it the soundtrack of his liberation. This was the most defining moment of our 25-year career.

Although the pandemic nightmare is still not over, we did get to play 3 really good gigs this year (the one in Instant was maybe our best gig ever) and our song Christmas Is Canceled was featured in the horror comedy Black Friday (featuring Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame).

Our 2021 Spotify stats have been even more impressive than last year, it’s mind-blowing that over 80K people in 104 countries have listened to our songs.

Keep on listening to them in 2022 as well! Happy New Year!