2019 Roundup

2018 was a turbulent year, and our drummer troubles continued in 2019. By March, we had to realize that another change was necessary. We were in a tough situation with a strict deadline to record 2 songs for Cleopatra Records and get ready for important gigs. Luckily, Danny came to the rescue and he even turned out to be able to book gigs, which was a much needed superpower in this band.

In August, we released Come Back Joe Strummer, a fundraiser song for the Joe Strummer Foundation, who even shared the song on their website.

In October, Jason Ruined My Halloween came out on PUNK ROCK HALLOWEEN II – LOUDER, FASTER & SCARIER, followed by When Johnny Saved Christmas on PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS 2 in November. Both these songs performed really well on Spotify, contributing to a record amount of streams this year.

Finally, we released the mash-up video of Minor Problem in December, and within just 2 weeks the video (and even more so its Hungarian version) got a record amount of YouTube likes and comments.

We have recorded 2 more songs that we’re planning to release next year, and these will also be part of our next album.

We have played 9 gigs this year at some really cool venues, with some of the most popular Hungarian punk rock bands, and we returned to Austria and Slovenia as well.

So that was 2019. Happy New Year!