The Best Anti-Trump Songs – A Top 5 List

There have been a lot of songs written against Donald Trump, but there’s surprisingly few punk rock ones. So it wasn’t easy to collect a Top 5 list of Anti-Trump songs, but we’ve made it.

1. Glitoris – Trump Card
Glitoris are an all-girl punk rock band from Canberra, Australia. And they’re fun.

2. D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald
These Canadian hardcore punk legends have been around forever, and Joey Shithead certainly knows how to write a song against corrupt politicians.

3. Green Day – Troubled Times
Being a major label act, Green Day stayed on the safe side with this song, which doesn’t even mention Trump’s name, but you can spot him in the video.

4. Bankrupt – Tronald Dump
Bad news for trailer park wasteland / Lost you while gettin’ my face tanned…

5. Moby and the Homeland Choir — Trump Is on Your Side
This song is not punk, but it’s spot on. And Moby likes punk rock, so he’s a cool guy.