2016 Roundup

The highlight of 2016 was the release of our 4th album, Outsiders. This record is just full of hits, starting with The Legend Of Lee Marvin, which made it to Spotify’s Discover Playlist in March and now has near 50K plays already. Gone To Bangalore appeared on the Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol. 3 compilation by RTTB Records from Germany. The videos of Happy Birthday! and Fifteen Minutes have reached a total of 30K views and we’ve also doubled the number of likes on our Facebook page.

Continuing with awesome stats, we’ve also doubled the number of gigs we’ve played compared to last year. This actually means 10 gigs, so there is still room for improvement, but we’ve already have quite a number of gigs booked for next year, so things look good. And you can expect new songs as well, they are getting ready one after the other. Stay tuned!