2015 Roundup

The highlights of 2015 were supporting Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg and releasing a Christmas punk cover on Cleopatra Records, but we also released 5 new songs (in both English and Hungarian versions), all of which came with videos gathering a total of about 200K views on YouTube. (This also includes our 6th new song, The Legend of Lee Marvin, which came out at the very end of 2014.)

We started the year with the least punk songs, gradually progressing towards the most punk ones. The Legend Of Lee Marvin and Disco Apocalypse got good reviews far beyond the punk rock scene, and they are the most popular new Bankrupt tracks on Spotify, apart from the Christmas cover. Diamond Blonde worked very well with the Tumblr audience, and the Hungarian versions of these songs received extensive airplay from regional radio stations. Bipolar Bear got us featured on Hungarian National TV’s Petofi Channel, and finally we returned to our trademark Ramones-influenced sound with Gone To Bangalore and even cranked it up a little bit on Party Capital.

Next year will be our 20th Anniversary, which we’ll celebrate by releasing an album (around end of March). It will include all the singles that came out since the last EP as well as new material we’re working on right now. The new stuff will be fast punk rock, similar to the recently released Party Capital, so overall it will be a punk rock album with some different stuff thrown in for variety’s sake. Stay tuned!