2013 Roundup

Time for our traditional year-end roundup!

Songs: We’ve released a 5-song EP, Goodbye Blue Monday, our first digital-only release, which is available for free download here. It has received a lot of good reviews, which you can find under Press.

Radio: The songs of the new EP got quite a few spins around the globe, see our posts here and here. We’re really proud that Timewaster made it to the radio show co-hosted by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves.

Videos: We’ve just brought out our 2nd official music video for Monday Morning, which already received over 15K views (plus 27K for the Hungarian version). Earlier this year, we also released a DIY video for Timewaster and an animated lyric video for Alone.

Gigs: We’ve only played 7 gigs this year, which is a negative record, but most of these gigs were good, and we got to play with Shonen Knife.

All in all, 2013 was a good year for us, and 2014 looks good too so far: we will soon release a new song and there’s 3 more to be recorded in the coming months. We also have some local shows booked and we plan to make up for our canceled Czech mini-tour in April.

Happy New Year!