The best songs about recession and unemployment

2012 will bring economic recession worldwide. Our last list was a compilation of the best weekend songs ever, but with an ongoing global crisis you should think twice before complaining about your boring day job, cos at the end of the day, you’re lucky to have one at all. So here’s a compilation of songs about economic recession, unemployment and depression.

1. The Clash – Career Opportunities
The UK was hit by recession in the mid-Seventies, and this set the climate for the emergence of punk rock. This song is from 1977. Two years later Margaret Thatcher came into power, and things got even worse.

2. Bankrupt – Gone To Bangalore
Outsourced? Party hard! No job, no worries, you don’t know how good it is.

3. Newtown Neurotics – Living With Unemployment
This one’s a cover of Solitary Confinement by the Members with even more desperate lyrics.

4. The Specials – Ghost Town
Recession has a beat that you can dance to. Did you know that?

5. The Living End – Roll On
Recession brings wage cuts and lay-offs, and that’s when the union calls for a rally. Here’s the soundtrack of a union rally from Down Under.

6. Green Day – Longview
So what can you do when you don’t have a job? Pretty much nothing, except for forming a punk band and selling a couple of million records.

7. Iggy Pop – Dog Food
But even if things go real bad, there may be some dog food left in the fridge.