Upgrade to the new Facebook page: looks OK so far

Yesterday Facebook offered us to upgrade our page, and being brave early adopters, we pushed the button without thinking twice. So what’s new then?
Let’s start with the thing everybody is complaining about. Now there are two views on the wall, Everyone and the page owner (in our case, Bankrupt). The Everyone view puts the hottest (most liked/commented) post on top, so it messes up the chronological order of the posts, but if you don’t like it, you can use the other view, or watch the posts on our BandPage instead of the wall, so don’t panic. Problem solved.
Next one, you probably noticed the photo gallery at the top of the page. It’s no rocket science, but it does look good there.
The real improvements, however, are the ones meant for page owners. Now pages can also like and comment on other pages and have their own news feed, and as a page owner, you can also decide if you want it to be your primary account instead of your personal one, so switching between the two has just got easier. But there’s still no way for pages to send friend requests, and it will probably not happen later either, cos that would be too much like MySpace, and Facebook doesn’t want to end up like MySpace for sure. (Registering your band on Facebook as a person doesn’t seem like a smart workaround for this either, cos then you’ll miss all the page features.)
To sum it up, there’s nothing like the MySpace css disaster going on here, don’t be afraid of the changes. The upgrade to the new Facebook page will be forced in March anyway, although the features may change somewhat until then. (Read more about this here.)