Czech tour diary part 1 – Prague

Our Czech mini-tour with Z Ničeho Nic started off in Prague at the Matrix club. The Matrix is a huge venue that could hold over a thousand people, and it has a great sound and atmosphere. We got there in time thanks to William’s cool new smartphone navigation system, and were greeted by Honza (Z Ničeho Nic singer) and Jirka, a friend of the band who volunteered to be our guide during these 3 days. (As it later turned out, he had just been out of hospital after being hit by a train, hence the nickname Train Buster.)
The guys of Z Ničeho Nic were all really nice, and they are a band that we could easily relate to as we are about the same age, have the same attitude and play similar music. Since it was a Thursday and there weren’t a huge number of Prague punk rockers trying to discover lesser known (but awesome) bands, the venue proved to be a bit of an overkill, but there were enough people for a good gig. Even a few of our fans dropped by and the turnover at the merch stand was pretty good.
Z Ničeho Nic also sounded great, and actually a lot like Bad Religion due to Honza’s raspy voice and the double backing vocals of the two guitarists (both called Martin).
After the gig we went to Honza’s place which was guarded by Anicka, the hovawart punk rock dog. She’s the most docile dog ever, she didn’t even bark at us.
A photo gallery of the Matrix gig can be found here.