YouTube Channel to Facebook Page with the all-in-one custom player

Today we were looking into the best option to add all our fantastic punk rock videos to our Facebook page. The apps we found on Facebook were either not free or simply sucked. Then we found Involver’s YouTube Channel App, which worked fine, but the free version is limited to showing 6 videos. Well, we have 13 of them, so we had to continue the search.
Then it turns out that you can actually create a custom video player on YouTube, and assign a playlist to it. The result will look like this:

Then there’s a cool Facebook app called Static FBML, which makes it easy to create a new Tab and embed the player in the new box. So we created a Video tab on our Facebook Page. The fbml code can be found here, you just have to replace the YouTube link with the link in the embed code of the new player, and create a click-through image, to which you’ll link in the imgsrc parameter.