The shortest punk rock videos ever

We really dig short punk rock songs, so we’ve collected the list of the shortest punk rock videos ever. There was one additional condition as well: we had to like them. So yes, we are aware of 3-second grindcore videos like this, or this, but no, that’s not our cup of tea really. However, you are welcome to suggest short punk rock videos that we may like, and if we do, we’ll include those as well.

1. Descendents: Kids on Coffee
The Descendents had lots of short songs, with the 3-second All being the shortest. This one lasts for 47 seconds.

2. Die Ärzte: Yoko Ono
Another 47-second video shot for a 30-second song in a falling elevator.

3. NOFX: I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
NOFX also have a video shot for a 30-second song in an elevator. The video lasts for 54 seconds.

4. The Dwarves: Drugstore
We’ve just crossed the 1-minute limit with this classic Sub Pop-era Dwarves song.

5. Bankrupt: Outliving the Enemy
The second shortest song from the Shorter Than Danny DeVito album, with a length of 1:14.

6. Zeke: Highway Star
Staying with the theme of car races, here’s a video by Zeke, which wouldn’t even be 1:17 without including the intro and outro screens.