The funniest punk rock videos ever – a Top 5 list

Here’s our selection of the Top 5 funny punk rock videos. Like all best of lists, this is highly subjective, and we may have also forgotten about some gems, so you’re welcome to comment with your suggestions of what else could have been included here.

1. Dead Milkmen: Punk Rock Girl

This video is hilarious from start to finish, the best parts being the follow-the-mohawk camera angle, the dinner at punk rock girl’s parents’ and the clumsiest solo in rock history.

2. Ramones: I Wanna Be Sedated

The Ramones weren’t exactly party animals, as you can see here. But whenever we play this song at our gigs, the kids go crazy.

3. Black Flag: TV Party

We’re not that much into Black Flag, but this no-budget video is awesome. Obviously, this was before Henry Rollins got more seriously into body building.

4. NoFX: Seeing Double at The Triple Rock

A catholic punk rock party featuring lots of priests, nuns, and Jesus himself. NoFX are definitely going to hell for this one.

5. The Briefs: Getting Hit on at the Bank

Ever had the feeling you are playing to a crowd of punk rock zombies? We certainly had.

+1 Bankrupt: Happy New Year

We’re pretty good at twist endings too.