Hungarian punk rock bands we like

There’s a handful of local punk rock bands we dig, cos we have things in common. They play good music and fun to hang around with. Here’s the list:

Rotten Tomatoes: These guys play energetic melodic punk rock with influences like Rancid, the Misfits or Therapy? They sing both in Hungarian and English. (We prefer the English versions of their songs, they sound better.) They are booking gigs for foreign punk bands, (like we used to until we had enough) and they have the right punk rock attitude, which is quite rare down here. We have played with them 3 times already and we’re gonna play with them in October again.

thekillingscreens: These guys are mostly influenced by early American punk rock bands, sing in English, book shows for foreign bands, and also have the right punk rock attitude. (You may wonder by now what the right punk rock attitude is like, but I won’t explain it, you’ve gotta live and learn.) They have made their albums freely downloadable, and we especially recommend the last one, Budapest Not L.A.

The Joystix: OK, they are primarily a Scandinavian-style rockandroll band, but I guess glam punk is also an appropriate definition for what they play. They also sing in English, occasionally book shows for foreign bands and cool to hang around with. We used to play with them a lot, and it would be cool to play with them again.

Radical Crush: We only played with this band once, but we used to play with Laci, the singer’s former band The Buttholes a lot. And Radical Crush are even better, their main influence is Social Distortion, they sing in Hungarian, and as you may have guessed, they have the right punk rock attitude. And the bass player girl, Melinda has been coming to our gigs for ages.

Reflected: This is a band on William’s label, PiaRRecords. They play melodycore and are so good at it that their last album was also released in the USA and Japan. They sing in English, and are young and good-looking, just like us.

We should also mention here the now defunct Fürgerókalábak and Graveyard At Maximum who were also great to play with.