Finally, 2 new Dwarves songs!

The Dwarves are one of our favorite bands, and we’re thrilled that after 7 years they have finally come up with something new and made 2 songs available from their long due new album, The Dwarves Are Born Again. The album, which was originally due last summer, will come out in May, and it will feature Dwarves alumni like the infamous Vadge Moore as well as rock celebrity cameos and all the usual special effects we like this band so much for. Are the Dwarves still the best band ever? Most likely. Continue reading

Upgrade to the new Facebook page: looks OK so far

Yesterday Facebook offered us to upgrade our page, and being brave early adopters, we pushed the button without thinking twice. So what’s new then?
Let’s start with the thing everybody is complaining about. Now there are two views on the wall, Everyone and the page owner (in our case, Bankrupt). The Everyone view puts the hottest (most liked/commented) post on top, so it messes up the chronological order of the posts, but if you don’t like it, you can use the other view, or watch the posts on our BandPage instead of the wall, so don’t panic. Problem solved. Continue reading