Czech tour diary part 2 – Strakonice

Strakonice is the hometown of Z Ničeho Nic, so having the advantage of the home turf and the Friday date, we could expect a bigger crowd than in Prague, and so it happened indeed. The town is only 100 kms southwest of Prague, so we didn’t have to drive too much. Kremelka is a really nice club, and it’s one of those surprise venues where you wouldn’t guess from the outside that it’s there. Continue reading

Czech tour diary part 1 – Prague

Our Czech mini-tour with Z Ničeho Nic started off in Prague at the Matrix club. The Matrix is a huge venue that could hold over a thousand people, and it has a great sound and atmosphere. We got there in time thanks to William’s cool new smartphone navigation system, and were greeted by Honza (Z Ničeho Nic singer) and Jirka, a friend of the band who volunteered to be our guide during these 3 days. (As it later turned out, he had just been out of hospital after being hit by a train, hence the nickname Train Buster.) Continue reading

The Zatopeks are cool – we’re off to Prague

Last Saturday after band practice we went down to a venue called Mania to check out a gig with thekillingscreens, The Hepcats and The Silver Shine and meet Will Zatopek from the Zatopeks. We’ve missed thekillingscreens (sorry guys), but had a fun chat with Will and his girlfriend while a few streets away three girls were crushed to death in a stampede. The Zatopeks are finally ready with the material of their next album, which is great news as the last album they released was Damn Fool Music in 2007.
And now we’re off to Prague. The weather sucks but we’ll have a fun time anyway.