Votes needed for a music video

We’ve entered a Facebook voting contest recently to win a music video, and to our surprise we won the first round against a major rock band. The problem is, we should win three more rounds and we’re competing against bands ten times our size in terms of popularity. Which means we need your votes badly. So if you feel like supporting us

1. Click this link
2. Like and accept the app
3. Turn up the volume slider button under the photo of Bankrupt like this:


4. Thank you, you are awesome!

Shonen Knife + Bankrupt!

We already had the chance once to play with a Japanese girl band, which turned out to be an even weirder experience than we expected (see the story of the kidnapped bear here). Now we’ll have the chance to play with the ultimate Japanese girl band, Shonen Knife, on 17 Sept at the Durer Kert in Budapest, which is actually a prophecy from last year coming true:


So watch this Shonen Knife video and be there if you can!

Radio, radio, radio

Our songs were featured on a number of cool radio shows recently:
– Timewaster was on Radio Like You Want (Punkradiocast, San Francisco, USA), co-hosted by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect punk rock radio show for a Bankrupt song to be featured on than this one with the Dwarves frontman talking about their gigs with Turbonegro and then interviewing Joe Queer of the Queers.
– Timewaster and Veronica were played multiple times on Berlin’s coolest punk rock radio, New Rose hosted by Nolti.
– Timewaster also got a spin on the Tommy Unit Show (New York, USA) of Real Punk Radio.
– Most of our new songs appear regularly on Germany’s Punkrockers Radio
– Monday Morning was played on the Radio Orphans Podcast (Minneapolis, USA)
– Monday Morning will be featured on an upcoming compilation by Pop Punk Podcast
– The Hungarian version of Monday Morning is played regularly by the Southern Hungarian radio stations Fortuna and Smile

…and we hope there’s more to come!

Vintage retro radio isolated on white background

Bankrupt on

“Pretty impressive. It’s time we started paying attention to the Eurozone’s musical offerings.” This is the conclusion of an article about us and our song Monday Morning on, a major US alternative rock site.
Our new EP has already been covered by various blogs and music sites around the web, from punk rock ones like, TwoBeatsOff, Dying Scene, Uncle Critic, For the Love of Punk, and biotechpunk to the electro oriented Aerial Noise, this hip hop blog and the Ordinary Guy Network.