Teenage Riot Fest – Vienna, We’re Coming!

On 16 May, we’ll play the Teenage Riot Festival at the Arena in Vienna with bands like the Creepshow. The Arena is a pretty cool venue, this is where our last gig in Vienna took place about 8 years ago. If you wanna catch us, make sure to get there by 6 pm, cos that’s when we play as the 3rd band in the line-up. We recommend joining the Facebook event.
In case you haven’t heard the news yet, the Creepshow have a new singer:

Teenage Riot fest

War and Peace – Reviews

Our latest song, War and Peace, is quite different from our trademark pop punk sound. After almost 2 decades of punk rock, we wanted to experiment with new sounds. So far, the experiment seems to be successful: War And Peace is the first Bankrupt track to surpass the 1,000 playcount on SoundCloud, thanks to nice reviews on Thought Catalog, Hits In The Car, and Backseat Mafia.