YouTube zenekari oldalak + Songkick

Tegnap vettük észre, hogy van a YouTube-on egy zenekari oldalunk, ami szerint olyan előadókhoz lehet minket leginkább hasonlítani, mint a Generation X, a Killers, Dusty Springfield vagy Madonna. Szerintünk nem, úgyhogy jó lenne, ha valahogy szerkeszteni tudnánk ezt a profilt, meg valami képet sem ártana feltölteni.
Van most már egy YouTube Music oldal is, ami koncertajánlatokat húz be a Songkickről, úgyhogy gyorsan regisztráltunk itt is, és felvittük a közelgő cseh dátumokat. A Songkick elég menő, a kedvencek alapján is tud koncert-tippeket adni.

YouTube Artist Pages + Songkick

Today’s weird discovery is that we have a dedicated artist page on YouTube, which claims that we sound like a mixture of Generation X, The Killers, Dusty Springfield and Madonna. Well, we don’t, so hopefully we can edit this thing soon and upload a photo as well.
There’s also a main YouTube Music site with event recommendations pulled in from Songkick, so we have registered there and added the upcoming Czech gigs. Songkick is a quite slick web 2.0 service that can pull in your favorites from, Pandora or your iTunes library to recommend you relevant gigs. It works pretty well.

2010 in numbers

2010 is almost over, time to sum up our annual achievements.
Concerts: We played only 10 gigs this year,which is a negative record, even if the Stustaculum gig in Munich was one of the best moments of our history. We’ll need to improve this next year, and with a Czech mini-tour already booked for January, hopefully we’ll be more active in 2011.
Videos: We came up with 5 videos this year (Koheed & Kembra, All Day In The Car, Wave Of Bankruptcy, Agony Bay, Sidewinder), which is a positive record. They’ve got a total of about 13,000 views so far on BlankTV and our YouTube channel, which is not a lot, but not too bad either.
Songs: We haven’t written any new songs since Razor Wires And Neon Lights, which is a shame. We should definitely come up with something next year.
Website: We’ve launched the new WordPress-based website, and now we have about 5 times more daily visitors than before. We should have done this earlier, but better late than never.
So that was 2010 for us. Now let’s move on to a more eventful 2011…