2014 Roundup

For us, 2014 started with the release of War and Peace, which ended up as our most popular track on Soundcloud so far, and its Hungarian version got a high number of spins on local radio stadions.

This was our first collaboration with Ambrus Tövisházi, and it was quite a big change in sound compared to our previous material. After years of experimenting with various borderline punk styles like surf, garage, and punkabilly, we wanted to try writing retro guitar stuff that has little to do with punk but still sounds good to us.
After playing a handful of shows in the first half-year (the most notable being Teenage Riot Festival at the Arena in Vienna in May), we started preparing for a new recording session with Ambrus. This time we’ve recorded 2 songs with him, The Legend of Lee Marvin has just been released and Disco Apocalypse is coming up next tomorrow. Expect the unexpected!