The best weekend songs ever

Those of us who live in the 9 to 5 world (the Ramones were so afraid of) can all agree that the weekend is the light at the end of the tunnel. People need songs about the weekend to help them survive 5 working days in the office. No wonder there were plenty of great songs written on this topic. So we have compiled a list of our favorite ones.

1. The Young Knives – Weekends and Bleakdays
A hilarious video by the geekiest British indie band ever.

2. The Jam – Here comes the weekend
Mods like the weekend too.

3. The Boys – Weekend
A somewhat lesser known British 77 punk band. The Boys, of course, used the weekend to pick up girls.

4. The Clash – 48 Hours
The Clash did the maths for you: a weekend lasts for 48 hours.

5. Art Brut – Lost Weekend
But sometimes weekends don’t turn out as good as you’d like them to.

6. Eddie Cochran – Weekend
That’s where all this started.

7. Bankrupt – Weekend
And let’s not forget about everybody’s new favorite weekend song.