2011 roundup

We closed 2010 by wishing a more eventful new year, and 2011 has turned out as a much better year indeed.
Songs: We released a new four-song EP, Rewound, which we made available for free download (in 320K mp3). It has been downloaded by about 500 people so far.
We have managed to bring new elements into our music, and our first instrumental surf rock track ever, Clint has become one of our most popular songs on last.fm.
Concerts: We managed to reverse the declining tendency by playing 12 gigs this year, 2 more than in 2010. Even more importantly, most of these gigs turned out really good. Starting with the Czech tour in January with Z Ničeho Nic, then there was our best trip to Berlin so far, and finally 3 local gigs supporting Kiscsillag, the best Hungarian alternative rock band. Let’s hope we can continue playing such good gigs in 2012 in well.
Radio: The title song of the new EP got some airplay on MR2, Hungary’s state music radio, while some of our older songs surfaced at radio shows like the RadioActive Pit Stop from Alaska, the Clashed Attitudes punk rock show from Minnesota, and the Psychobilly Garden Party from England.
Videos: We made two videos this year for two of the new songs, Rewound and Weekend. After 15 DIY videos, we’d really like to make a real video next year, but we’ll continue with the DIY ones as well.
Website: The website has been re-designed and updated to WordPress 3.3 so now it’s slicker and quicker.
That was 2011. You’ll certainly hear the word Bankrupt quite often in 2012, let’s hope it will refer to us most of the time…