Website update

As you can see, we have updated the website again. The layout has become cleaner and the whole site loads faster now.
That’s all you need to know if you’re not into all that geeky stuff, but in case you wanna know what’s changed, read on.

The old site was running on WordPress 3.0, and since it was using a hacked version of the no longer maintained Patagonia theme, and it was using the last free version of the meanwhile commercialized WPML plugin to enable bi-lingual blogging, we had been stuck on this level since we started the WordPress based site last summer.
Obviously, staying on an outdated version meant after a while that we couldn’t use the latest plugins, plus WPML, which was an overkill for our simple needs, slowed down the whole site a lot.
Luckily, we found an alternative to WPML, the Polylang plugin knows everything we wanted, and it’s a lightweight plugin that doesn’t mess up your database.
We decided to use the new official WordPress theme, Twenty Eleven for the new layout, as it will most likely be maintained for the coming releases as well. This time we were smart enough to create a child theme for it, so we’ll be able to update the theme without losing the customization.
Some of the plugins we used didn’t work on WordPress 3.3, but we have managed to solved these issues. Instead of the Tweet2Download plugin we now use Tweet for Track by Cashmusic, and instead of the Tumblrizer plugin, we use the TumblRSS app to publish our RSS feed on Tumblr.