Czech tour diary part 2 – Strakonice

Strakonice is the hometown of Z Ničeho Nic, so having the advantage of the home turf and the Friday date, we could expect a bigger crowd than in Prague, and so it happened indeed. The town is only 100 kms southwest of Prague, so we didn’t have to drive too much. Kremelka is a really nice club, and it’s one of those surprise venues where you wouldn’t guess from the outside that it’s there.
Since the opening band, Krwawy Koleno were very young (about 14-16 year-old kids), the audience comprised of two distinct generations, but punk rock filled the generation gap. It was fun to watch veteran punk rockers pogo with teenage kids during our gig. We had played quite some gigs in the Czech Republic already but it was this night when we learned that you say “este jedno” in Czech when you ask for an encore. And we did play encores, of course.
Z Ničeho Nic played a great gig again, their cover of Bad Religion’s Stranger Than Fiction was very close to the original, and we started to identify our favorites (like Kavárna) in their set. This night we stayed at the guest room of the local swimming pool complex, just opposite the venue.
The whole footage of our gig in Strakonice is available here, and you can find a photo gallery here.