So Long, And Thanks For All The Beers

The Czech trip was awesome. A detailed tour diary will follow soon, now we’d just like to say thanks to Honza and Z Ničeho Nic for organizing all this, Jirka the Train Buster for being our guide, and all the people who came to the gigs. Díky!

  • Thnx boys it was a briliant time with you on tour, im now workin on the video so I hope I will send the DVD to you soon.

  • Hello guys, to say it all, the time on tour is the best a band can have 😉
    Thank you for the exemplary cooperation in creating a common evil 😀
    I think that after more concerts in Czech and excellent feedback audience
    BANKRUPT have a better name and greater prestige in these latitudes 🙂
    For Steamroller, bands ZNN, KOHOUT PLAŠÍ SMRT, FALEŠNÝ OBVINĚNÍ, KRWAWVÝ KOLENO, photographers and cameramen, sound engineers and fans – THANK YOU !!!

    Jobb, hogy mindig ez nagyon jó volt
    (sorry , Better it can always this was great :-))

  • Jindřich Frank Frankenfeld


    chtěl jsem poděkovat za sobotní akci v Božáku. Všechny kapely na úrovni a Bankrupt opravdu nářez, organizace/jednání taky super – takže ještě jednou díky moc a ať se daří.

    měj se fajn,


    I wanted to thank you for Saturday’s event in Bozak. All the bands on the level and Bankrupt, really tight, organization and personal conduct too great – so once again thank you very much and let them thrive.

    Have a nice time,