The best punk rock song ever

Choosing the best punk rock band ever would be a difficult task (though it would probably come down to either the Ramones or The Clash), but choosing the best punk rock song is easy. It’s Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers. If it doesn’t send shivers down your spine every single time you hear it, you failed the punk rock test.
Overall, SLF weren’t as good as The Clash. The Clash had a lot of great songs, SLF only had a couple of good ones besides the ultimate punk rock masterpiece that is Alternative Ulster. But while The Clash were just posing for press photos on the streets of Belfast, the guys from Stiff Little Fingers actually lived there. Maybe this explains the ever since unmatched vehemence and intensity that explodes in this song.
But this is not about SLF vs the Clash. It’s about the best fucking punk rock song ever. So listen carefully.