Super similar punk bands on

One of the cool features of is that it calculates similarity between bands based on listener habits. The six bands that are the closest to Bankrupt (super similarity) are not the ones we’d think of first, but they aren’t too far either. Let’s see the list:

1. Rentokill

It’s funny suggests these guys first, cos we know them really well. They’re from Wiener Neustadt, Austria, and we played quite a lot of gigs together a couple of years ago. Then they started to get really serious about touring, and the next thing we heard about them is that they were supporting Rise Against, playing in front of a zillion people. Their biggest influence was probably Propagandhi, including all the PC vegan stuff, which is actually quite far from us, but we still like them. They’re on a hiatus now, let’s hope, they’ll return.


Sure, we like NOFX, but we prefer stuff like 13 Stitches or Drugs Are Good instead of their trademark galloping drum-based sound. We admit having covered several of their songs besides the aforementioned two, but we don’t think we sound too much like them.

3. NoRMAhl

We have to admit we don’t really know much about them, apart from the fact that they seem to be a decent veteran Deutschpunk band. The only German punk band singing in German that we actually like is Die Ärzte.

4. The Bones

They are a pretty solid rockandroll punk band from Sweden, and Marci from thekillingscreens is their number one fan down here. Maybe we should listen to them more.

5. The Generators

They are kinda like the LA streetpunk version of Social Distortion. Another great band, so we don’t mind the comparison.

6. Bombshell Rocks

Another solid Swedish punk rock band on the list, but they are more streetpunk and less rockandroll than the Bones.