20,000 listeners on last.fm

As of today, we have exactly 20,000 listeners on last.fm, which sounds pretty good, even if a lot of these people have probably just heard one song on the radio. (The average listener has listened to 4 Bankrupt songs.) Our most popular album is Shorter Than Danny DeVito with 15,220 listeners, and it contains our 2 biggest last.fm hits: Record Store Renegade (5,524 listeners) and 18 Now (4,386 listeners). Each of these songs is more popular than any other Bankrupt album: Bad Hair Day has 3,364 listeners, Rocket to Riot City has 2,526, Listen has 1,191, and Razor Wires And Neon Lights has only 688 (it deserves more).
It’s nice to see our songs have reached this many people, and we hope the last 2 EPs, which are now freely downloadable on last.fm, will catch up with Shorter Than Danny DeVito soon.