The new MySpace Profile 3.0: no css customization

Yesterday we got a reminder from MySpace that we could upgrade our artist profile to the new 3.0 version, so we did. Since we didn’t really have a MySpace design, we didn’t have much to lose, and the upgrade was relatively painless.
The new profile editor lets you choose modules for your site, which you can drag and drop to their preferred positions. All the html in the old profile got dumped to the new html box, and it took some time to figure out that it needs to be edited there, and not in the bio section. This was the only issue to be solved after the upgrade, and we’re happy with the new cleaner layout of profile 3.0. The new marquee header lets visitors see the latest status update immediately, and the video slider is a great tool to present your videos if you have 10 of them, like us. However, if your band has a MySpace design based on custom css, you’ll have a hard time keeping your layout after the upgrade, since profile 3.0 doesn’t support css customization.
While custom CSS gave more freedom to users to completely re-design their profiles, it also made MySpace look messy and cluttered compared to Facebook, and it happened too often that fancy profile tweaks were too much to handle for the browser, so the decision makes sense. The only customization left in profile 3.0 is choosing a custom background image, so if you spent a lot of time on designing your unique MySpace profile with plenty of css tweaks, you’re in trouble now. Until 3.0 is in beta, upgrade remains optional, but soon all users will be forced to migrate to the new version.
This is exactly what we were talking about in our previous MySpace post. If all the efforts you put in your MySpace profile had been spent on your own website, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing it all now. If you’ve learned your lesson, you won’t waste too much time on trying to transfer that fancy design to 3.0, or even creating a new one. Just choose one of their pre-set styles, they are fine.
While a lot of MySpace users will miss custom css (there’s even a Facebook protest group), we don’t think this change is bad at all. But it’s coming too late, and it’s more likely to accelerate the exodus of MySpace users than to stop it.

19 thoughts on “The new MySpace Profile 3.0: no css customization

  1. Myspace profile 3.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Every musician are going to leave, and Web-designer are going to make a face when all people are going to come to demand their money! Alala myspace has to tear the bag I hope all the same that he go find a solution for musician at least! now myspace no css pff mysace dead for me & for lot of people… Watch my design myspace realizing by my friend Silexx:

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  3. Hey maybe someone can help me here. I have a band myspace profile and they’re just asked me to upgrade to 3.0. Only problem is that it jammed. It jams on the upgrade page, when you enter the customize profile link and you click the upgrade button and it just refreshes the page and does nothing. So now I’m stuck not being able to upgrade or customize my profile. Basically can’t do anything! Can someone help?

  4. Haha! Have fun Myspace. Soon you’re going to have no one. Fucking ignorant people. You’re taking away people’s ability to speak their mind and really, freedom of speech. I’ve never seen a website start off good, and then start sucking worse. Myspace, you’re learning how unlearn…..I’m moving to facebook pretty soon 🙂

  5. I’m not too impressed. There are many things I don’t like about this new version of MySpace, but the worst of all is that MySpace took our option away. MySpace gave us an option to upgrade to 2.0 or stay with 1.0, now 3.0 comes along and everyone has no choice? I won’t be coming on MySpace as often as I was, I’m too disappointed and disgusted with the new version of MySpace!

  6. We are seriously considering deleting our band’s Myspace. In fact, we will. They should take whoever they have doing their marketing and shoot them. The new 3.0 version is just dumb, makes everyone’s profile look the same, the good thing about myspace was individuality. It was clunky but quirky. Now its clunky and conformist. What’s more they twist your arm into upgrading, if you don’t do so nothing works and you can’t update. Our songs are not playing. Myspace music is committing suicide – suit themselves.

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  8. this new MYSPACE profile is SHIT !!!
    you cannot do anything with these layouts, no options like longer “MySpace”…
    if everyone is smart they’ll just delete their profile like i did, go to facebook if you want to be hindered by what you can do to your profile page… facebook has no options and neither does myspace ANYMORE… astalavista ‘ YOUR SPACE ‘

  9. As I’m not an avid “Myspacer” myself, the profile changes didn’t hit me directly. However, I can empathise at how damaging this upgrade has been. I can understand the layout desingers initial thinking in the beginning; as a social networking site, it was extremely complex if you just wanted to use it for communication and general snooping. However, that is what Facebook brought us; general ease of use and no lagging time. But Myspace still held it’s integrity with musicians and band pages, who spent hours of work coding and arranging and designing. That in the end is the only pulse of life that MYspace had left. They have well and truelly shot themselves in the foot, giving a huge middle finger to there first and final supporters.

    Myspace; I think you’ve just signalled your final curtain call.

  10. If their color options actually worked for all the modules, it might be ok, but as of so far, it seems there is no way to change the color of the comments section, so basically, unless you have a light-gray background, it will look like crap because of the comments section.

  11. I was happy with my band profile on MySpace, having put quite a lot of effort into styling it with custom layouts and CSS, so I didn’t want to upgrade. Now they’ve forced the upgrade on all of us so I have no

    I’ve tried to customise it the new way, standard templates/colours etc. but no CSS or custom layouts. It just looks corporate and boring now. If like me you’re thinking of leaving MySpace, check this out:

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  13. The profile looks very slick but at the same time it really sucks.

    I’d like to switch off my Myspace player as I use my soundcloud player now. This is because soundcloud is much better with waveforms and timed comments etc..and I only have to update one player for all sites where it is embedded (it’s on my Facebook and Myspace).

    However, I can’t switch of the old player on my Myspace profile so I have a myspace player with no songs in it sitting taking up space on my profile. I managed to move the music player module out of the way to the bottom of the page yesterday but it’s come back to the top of the page with no option to move it like other modules.

    Perhaps this is because I synced my Myspace to Facebook using the new app, thinking I would have a lovely myspace page displaying on facebook. Then I would be able to use myspace frequently as my main Band Page with all changes and comments reflected on my Facebook Band Page and twitter etc. but the Myspace page doesn’t display properly !!! it just has a banner image which wouldn’t upload,and four squares showing Songs, Photos, Events and Adverts. but songs use the myspace player..which have no songs in it! So a good opportunity gone to shit. I reckon they have 6 months before 70% of people migrate to Facebook.

    The other ironic thing is my name appears as DamonBreakz. I want to add a simple space so it reads Damon Breakz. Can you do this simply? no way! you have to email them for help…once you manage to find the online form.
    So I can’t even have my space on Myspace. What a load of crap. Come on Myspace you can do better!

    ….Plus just 8 top friends is crap and you can’t just see all your friends and move them into order anymore you have to select a box on each one which is cumbersome and takes for ever. I used to use top friends to easily group and view all the people I actually know into one place to check out their latest music

    …I’ll stop ranting now!

    // Damon Breakz \

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