What we did this summer

The few shows we played this summer were all memorable for various reasons, so here’s a round-up of the events. We played two festivals on the first weekend of June, one in Austria, and one in Germany. We’ve already played at Reedrock in Burgenland 2 times before, it’s a nice little festival organized by local kids in cooperation with a biker club so these leather-clad big guys are the ones doing the security and the bar. We weren’t exactly lucky with the last slot in the line-up as there was a significant delay in the program, but it was still a nice warm-up party for Munich the next day.
Stustaculum is a huge student festival in Munich at several locations. We played the main hall as headliners on the last day of the festival, and the venue was packed. There were at least 5-600 people, or even more, and they were in a fun-having mood as it turned out. This was one of the few occasions in our history when everything was perfect: the audience, the sound, the location, the atmosphere. This gig was up there in the Top 3 with supporting the Toy Dolls on the A38 in Budapest in 2004, and playing to thousands of people at Prestenice Festival in the Czech Republic in 2008. The organizers also booked us accommodation in a cool motel, which was a huge improvement compared to the other student festival we played in Munich several years ago, when we had to sleep in the corridor of the university to the horror of the students entering the building the next morning.
We got an offer to play at a new venue in Siófok at Lake Balaton at the beginning of July, so we asked the new band of our old friends from nearby Veszprém, Radical Crush, if they were into it. They said yes. We thought that there would be some punk rockers in the holiday crowd that wouldn’t mind watching a free gig, but we were wrong. They were 100% discotrash. So we ended up playing to Radical Crush, their friends, and our one and only local fan, Viktor. Radical Crush were actually pretty good, and their photographer buddy Csaba took the awesome pictures used for the new website and webshop, so it was worth it, after all.
The last gig we played this summer was in an old mill in a field right outside St. Veit in Carynthia. It was one of the coolest punk rock locations we have ever played at and there were quite a lot of people. We played a decent set, and it’s always fun to hang around with the DeeCracks, who have a different bass player each time we play with them. (This time it was Hank from the Mugwumps. By the way, the DeeCracks have a new, awesome record out, and they are touring the USA now.)
And that was the summer of 2010 for us. We plan to continue gigging in the fall, and till then we’ll put together a new video, and maybe write new songs as well. Stay tuned!