Add our punk rock hits to your YouTube videos!

Have you noticed the AudioSwap tab on YouTube, when editing your newly uploaded video? If you search for Bankrupt here, you can add one of our punk rock hits to your video with two clicks. (It takes a few minutes though until the change takes effect.) This should be helpful if you need some punk rock sounds in the background, but you don’t want YouTube to delete the audio track for copyright reasons. YouTube is actually pretty good at identifying a copyrighted song, they spot it and delete it right away, and most bigger bands’ music is illegal to use. However, Bankrupt songs are fine, and adding them with AudioSwap is easy.

A lot of people are already using our songs in their videos, and these videos sometimes get more views than our official vintage footage based clips. Out of the 10 official videos we’ve made so far, Cinderella is number one with over 45,000 views on the Blank TV channel (plus 4,000 more on our own channel). However, All Day In the Car received over 156,000 hits as the background music for this Transformers figures video, and over 65,000 people have watched this female power lifter sweating to the sounds of Come Around. We want more, so go ahead and use our songs!